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We received 108.000 Euro investment from Martin Köppelmann.

We received 100.000 Euro investment from Albert Wenger.

We received a 10.000 USD fund from the Mustarseed Trust.
Current major donors: Martin Köppelmann, Albert Wegner (Stiftung Grundeinkommen).


In cryptocurrencies we received donations around the value of 50.000 USD, mainly through gitcoin.co grants.


We have around 100 small donors, who support our work on average with 15 USD in a month.


The Circles Coop has two full time and two part time employees, and we work with several freelancers. Our monthly running costs are about 35-40k euros. We will give 50% of our donations above a monthly 50k euros to the smaller Circles hubs, who we find promising in establishing Circles in their area.